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      Priority Activities ...

Improve the quality of tourism services

  • Signed Contact for Cooperation with every tourist facility (e.g. hotels, guesthouses, resorts) and tourist agency in the Municipality of Velingrad.
  • Created a database of available accommodations and local attractions.
  • Offers a full range of tourist information services for interested clients.
  • Developed contacts and signed contracts for cooperation with three Macedonian companies.
  • Participated in the establishment of the "Association of Balneology".

Create opportunities for alternative and village tourism

  • Conducted a municipality-wide needs assessment of possible alternative and village tourism opportunities.
  • Funded of the brochure Velingrad Municipality - Holiday in Green, in both English and Bulgarian.
  • Creation of alternative tourism routes.
  • Participation in tourism exchanges in Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna.
  • Creation and publication of A Practical Manual for the Owner of Village Accomdations.
  • Co-founder of the Fair Chance Association. (new)
  • Participation in development of an 'Internet Gate' for best eco-tourism practices as part of the National Eco Tourism Strategy in Bulgaria and a Center for Eco Tourism Entrepreneurship Development. (new)

Provide information and assistance to small and medium-sized businesses

  • Creation of an information database which is available to all of the CBI's partners.
  • Business Resource Center offered to CBI's partners and clients.
  • Monthly publication of a BIC bulletin entitled InfoNavigator.
  • Offers a complex variety of advertising, Internet and administrative services.
  • Internet center with direct internet service.
  • Organization of Partners' Meetings with the goal of forming a business community in the region.

Stimulate the production of agricultural and organic products

  • Cooperation with Agrocenter - Plovdiv.
  • Assist the process of diversifing the creation of organic farms.
  • Organization of the National Potato Festival in Velingrad.
  • Initiator of the Association of Potato Producers whose headquaters is in Velingrad.
  • Incubator for herb cultivation. (new)
  • Training and Production Center for wild berries processing. (new)

Increase the number of qualified workers in different branches of industry

  • Courses.
  • Business seminars.
  • Assistance in the accredidation of health facilities.
  • Participation in national media seminars.
  • Developed strategies for tourism development, alternative agriculture and herbs, and wood-processing. (new)

Organize exhibitions of locally made products

  • Monthly organization of exhibitions of companies and artisans from the region.
  • Organization of company presentations.
  • Organization and presentation of Velingrad companies at fairs and exhibitions.

Popularize local crafts and preserve the region's traditions

  • Organization and presentation of Velingrad artisans at fairs and exhibitions.
  • Design of handmade items and criteria for selection of marketable products.
  • Marketing and commerical outlets for crafts.

Create goal-oriented projects in line with the development of the region

  • Coordination of UNDP-Capacity 21 Programme activities in the region.
  • Fulfillment of projects for alternative agriculture.
  • Creation of a virtual incubator for the cultivated growth of herbs and self-help in the community.
  • Fulfillment of projects for the support of business and the fight against unemployment.
  • Twinning of municipalities.
  • Fulfillment of projects for the social adaptation and professional orientation of young people.
  • Participation in the Infrastructure, Energy, Tourism, and Urbanization Commission through the territorial unit of the Ministry of Regional Development and Urbanization - Plovdiv, which rates projects in the Southcentral Region.
  • Fulfillment of projects for attracting businesses and the municipal authorities for more efficient activities against the corruption. (new)

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