Economic Situation
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Analysis and Assessment of Economic Development in the Municipality

  • Development of Industry
           The timber and wood processing industry plays a structure-determining role in Velingrad municipality and is gradually and intensively being privatized. The long-standing tradition in the manufacturing of furniture and office equipment together with such new branches as the manufacturing of toys, souvenirs and other wooden items guarantee a promising future to the branch.
           There is a potential for the development of light industry based on clean technologies: the production of household items, rosin, detergents, and cosmetics. A number of workshops that had been closed down in the smaller settlements will be re-opened. Ways and means are sought to stimulate private artisans.
    • Woodworking Industry
      Woodworking in the Municipality is monitored and controlled by four forestry units-Selishte, Chehliovo, Yundola, and Velingrad.
      In the Municipality's territory there are 143 woodworking enterprises and companies. They produce multifunctional traditional and office furniture, wooden children's toys, and wooden materials both for the local market and for international markets.

    • Chemical Industry
      The largest chemical production company is Kristal, the only Balkan chemical plant that produces resin, turpentine, light resin, solvents, glue, and others - high quality products shown frequently at international exhibitions.
    • Marble working
      Diana-91, and Chepino represent this industry.
    • Other industrial enterprises in the Municipality
      - Robotika produces distillers (the company monopolizes this industry), pharmaceutical equipment, packaging machines, laboratory and medical materials (sterilizers and electric dryers, sand and water baths, and others)
      - Kentavur - Velingrad.
  • Development of Agriculture
    Agriculture holds a substantial part in the municipal economics. Its future development is closely linked with the complete land restitution, opening markets for producers and workshops for the processing and canning of farm products.
    • Agriculture
      The agricultural activities are spread on 12.8 % of the territory of Velingrad municipality. Cultivating arable land accounts for 61.7 % of these activities, which is a fairly high figure as compared to the other municipalities of the region. The per capita figure for arable land is 1460 sq. m. in Velingrad, whereas in Smolyan this indicator is 2140 sq. m., in Assenovgrad it is 2820 sq. m. in Luki - 5110 sq. m. The main crops under cultivation in Velingrad municipality are potatoes, hops, forage, greenhouse flowers and vegetables.
    • Livestock Breeding
      Livestock breeding is almost entirely privatized - cattle, sheep and poultry are mostly raised on the private farms of some 8778 families of whom 3867 are in Velingrad and the remaining 4911 in the mayoralties. The private farmers have virtually no incentive to increase production due to the lack of markets and the low purchasing prices. There is particular potential for development of greenhouse production of flowers and vegetables, which can utilize the geothermal waters.