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Kingdom of Norway
Ministry of Labor and Social Policy
United Nations Development Program

"Jobs in Herbs" Project

       "Jobs in Herbs" Component supports private businesses development and production of herbs and spices. The project objective is to enhance the employment rate in Roma and Turkish municipalities through support of the developing herb sector which will create more jobs and will generate incomes for the project target groups.

Project Objectives

       To demonstrate a replicable model for employment and income generation for vulnerable groups through stimulation and strengthening of micro and small companies form the herb sector in Bulgaria.

Target Groups
  • Unemployed people from vulnerable groups
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises which want to enhance and create jobs
  • Local authorities and key partners in the local communities
Main Project Activities
  • Free training and consulting assistance
  • Creation of herb plantations
  • Free training of quality control specialists
  • Establishment of midway storage facilities
  • International marketing
  • Selection of technologies and installation of a drying facility
  • Drying, baling and preparation of herbs for export
  • Establishment of a sustainable system for quality assurance and development of these activities
Expected Results
  • Development and implementation of a strategy for the herb sector
  • Collection and distribution of information among the target groups
  • Training of 300 people from vulnerable groups in herb harvesting and cultivation and under the Start-Your-Agribusiness programme
  • Establishment of 2 centers servicing the target groups
  • Direct business support and consultations to 25 companies
  • Creation of 250 jobs in the herb sector
Project Partners
  • Municipalities in Veliko Tarnovo Region - Polski Trambesh, Veliko Tarnovo, Lyaskovetz, Elena and Zlataritza
  • Municipalities in Pazardjik Region - Velingrad and Rakitovo
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