Places of Interest
        Alternative Tourism
Tourism is a branch with longstanding traditions as the climate and nature of the municipality is well known. For this reason tourism has been identified as a specific sphere for development by the Municipality. Tourism and balneology are supported by 23 sanatoriums, 20 hotels and over than 115 private rooms with total capacity of 1,800 beds and 140 restaurants.
        In smaller villages, private homes offer the opportunity for "Alternative Tourism".

        Nearly everywhere in the municipality you can purchase organic agricultural products made from locally produced ingredients including milk and meat products, and wild vegetation such as mushrooms, herbs, and fruit.

        The rich balneology and climate resources, the available cure-diagnostic and bed equipment give possibilities for curing the following diseases:        
        Inflammatory process
and process with degenerative character of skeletal and muscular system such as polyarthritis, arthritis and others.
        Diseases of joint tissue and musculature, osteoarthritis (professional and unprofessional) and arthritis and other disease from non-consumptive character (allergic, skin, pulmonary and blood).
        Diseases of the periphery nervous system and spinal cord - radiculitis, neuritis, plexitis, polyneuritis, neuro-fibro-myositis, cellulites; positions after injuring on periphery sympathetic nervous system and spinal cord which need operative treatment.
       Gynecological diseases - chronic ovaritis
       Disorders of the Nervous System
       Physical stress and anemia
       Stomach and digestive tract diseases
       Eye diseases

       This is far from the entire list of illnesses which can be treated at resorts in Velingrad.

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