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           Alternative Tourism

In Velingrad-the blue pearl of the Rhodopis,
Karatepe- romance among the wild nature,
at the end of the Dospat Reservoir-the charmof Surnitza,
Yundola-the crossroads of the Rila Mountain Range
and the Rhodopis-a truly rich eco-pallet- offers
for valuable vacations in the Orfey Mountains.
This is a golden opportunity for a truly alternative vacation!
Alternative Vacations in Velingrad
The Blue Pearl of the Rhodopis

Day 1 Welcome to Bulgaria! From Sofia Airport, we leave for Velingrad - one of the most famous balneological and climatic resorts in Bulgaria. In Velingrad you will be accommodated according to your preference - in a luxurious 3 or 4 star hotel, in a comfortable resort or in a small family hotel. And your eco-vacation begins - warm mineral pools are waiting for you! Dine at the hotel restaurant and have a nice vacation! (Sofia-Velingrad - 133 km)

Day 2 Breakfast with Rhodpi specialties. In order to get to know Velingrad, we must visit Kleptuza-the symbol of Velingrad, Radonova Bath House with healing mineral pools, Topilata at the end of the river, and the old traditional fulling-mill. The art gallery with the works of local artists… Enter the Center for Business and Information, in order to see the permanent exhibition of traditional crafts and arts and receive a tourist's map of the region and meet up with your tour guide…And we continue on to the history museum and the oldest church in town St. Troitza. After lunch it's again time for the beach and the mineral pools, and why not a couple hydro procedures? For dinner, we'll visit the Omar Tavern, where you will eat like you are at grandma's house. Have a nice vacation!

Day 3 Breakfast with Rhodpi specialties. It's time for a break and some entertainment - Velingrad's mineral pools are waiting for you! After lunch we'll show you the hottest mineral spring in the region and of the hottest in Bulgaria (93 degrees Celcius) in the neighboring village of Draginovo. Here you will see an old water mill, and if we have a little bit of luck we'll be able to go to a Pomashka (Bulgarian Muslim) wedding. Lunch at Amos Restaurant with traditional Rhodopi specialties. And we return to Velingrad - have a nice vacation! (Velingrad-Draginovo - 7 km)

Day 4 Eco-breakfast in the fresh air - as for the menu, the choice is yours! The mountains are actually so close and very enticing!… We take off for the mountain resort of Yundola, and there a walk or an outing to Filibiska Valley awaits you, the entire valley red with Rhodopi tulips during the summer, or a walk to the bird kingdom in the villages Rogachitza and Valyavitzite, or to the Pashovi Cliffs, a natural phenomenon… The choice again is yours! And we go on to Cholakovo, climbing high to the ridges of the Rhodopis, where we will eat lunch at the home of Salih Cholakov. Here, the hospitable hosts will pack a village-style picnic complete with fresh milk and sheep's yogurt, fresh hen eggs, kachamak (a traditional dish made with corn flour) with homemade butter, cooked potatoes with sirene (Bulgarian feta cheese) and boiled veal, and for dessert the most delicious part of the menu is freshly made berry juice. If you are curious, they can tell you how they churn butter, how to weave on a wooden loom, after which they will impress you with the wife's colorful dowry, and on the way out, you might get a pair of woven socks as a memory. For dinner, we'll return to Velingrad…have a nice vacation! (Velingrad-Yundola - 18 km) (Yundola-Cholakovo -29 km)

Day 5 Eco-breakfast in the fresh air…We'll take you to an especially attractive place in the Rhodopis - the unique beehives in Shibliovtzi. Here at the end of the world, the two brothers Asan and Alish Shibliovi continue to raise bees in special handmade hives from the beginning of the century, made according to old methods, and produce organic herbal honey. Besides trying and purchasing real honey, they'll teach you how to make a hat for a souvenir. For dinner, we'll return to Velingrad and eat at Don Juji. Have a nice vacation! (Velingrad-Shibliovtzi-Velingrad - 53km)

Day 6
Breakfast. We head for Rila Monastery. Monumental architecture and rich history - this is a brief description of Rila Monastery. Built in the 10th century and accepted as the first spiritual and cultural center of Bulgaria and the entire Slavic enclave. It has survived until the present day in the form it was built furing the first half of the 9th century in the period of Bulgarian revival. The most meaningful element of the early Middle Ages, preserved in the Monastery, is the stone defensive tower, which rises out of the monastery's yard. Lunch at the monastery's restaurant. And again, on the road to Velingrad. (Velingrad-Rila Monastery-Velingrad-350 km)

Day 7 Breakfast with Rhodopi specialties. It's time for a break and entertainment-the Velingrad's mineral pools are waiting for you! After lunch, we leave for picturesque mountain town of Karatepe (Chernovruh) in the heart of the Rhodopis. In Karatepe we will put you up at cozy mountain villas, located on the banks for a tiny lake…and your eco-vacation starts with a forest picnic in the forest. Have a nice vacation! (Velingrad-Karatepe - 30 km)

Day 8 Breakfast with Rhodopi specialties outside. Submerge yourself in the Rhodopis' wild nature and where the chance to spot a rabbit, deer, or elk is very likely. The surrounding area is full of different types of wild fruit - try them, pick mushrooms for a dinner picnic and herbs for your morning tea! After lunch will walk to Meandrite on Ribna River - one of the most romantic corners of the whole region. The romantic evening continues - again we are on a picnic with birds singing in the forest. Have a nice vacation!

Day 9 Eco-breakfast in the fresh air. Again we return to Mother Nature - we'll follow the marked train upwards towards the ridge in order to reach the third highest peak in the Rhodopis - Golyama Syutka (2,186 m.). Golyama Syutka! The magic of the Rhodopis - a sea of rounded dark green peaks, wide valleys, crystal blue sky and southern Rhodopi sun…From here you can see the entire mountain range…Take a breath after such strong emotions, we can go back down the green trails returning to Karatepe. After dinner - have a nice vacation! (Karatepe - Golyama Syutka - Karatepe - 7 hours)

Day 10 Breakfast with Rhodopi specialties. We leave for the beautiful Rhodopi village of Surnitza and Dospat Reservoir-a fisherman's favorite place. In a comfortable resort or a tent, in a small family hotel or a cozy private house - the choice is yours! A traditional evening with a picnic of fish on the banks of the Reservoir. Have a nice vacation! (Karatepe - Surnitza - 21 km)

Day 11 Breakfast with Rhodopi specialties. It's fishing time! Around lunchtime, will go up to Stenata for a village picnic, fishing, cooling off in a cool waterfall and a spectacular view of Surnitza. We suggest a pre-dinner romantic boat ride. After dinner - have a nice vacation! (Surnitza-Stenata-Surnitza - 2 hours)

Day 12 Breakfast with Rhodopi specialties. And back to Mother Nature with her generosity, we will show you the natural beauty of Pobit Kamuk and the giant cliff of Zhaba at the end of the village of Pobit Kamuk and we continue to the village of Medeni Polyani, where you will discover the fairy tale panorama of the Rhodopis. On the way back to Surnitza we'll stop at Chibutzite, in order to see a unique plant, which salesmen in the past came all they way from Tzarigrad. After lunch it's again time for fishing. A romantic dinner on the banks of the Reservoir. Have a nice vacation! (Surnitza-Pobit Kamuk-Medeni Polyani-Surnitza - 33 km)

Day 13 Breakfast with Rhodopi specialties…Don't miss the opportunity to partake in a Bulgarian tradition - in Surnitza you can see how to weave on a wooden loom, how they wash colorful Rhodopi kitenitzi in a village fulling-mill, and to see how homemade sirene (Bulgarian feta cheese) is made…After lunch it's again time for fishing. For dinner, we invite you to the dining room of a typical village home, where the hospitable hosts will serve you traditional Rhodopi dishes, and for a souvenir you can take a pair of Rhodopi slippers with you. Have a nice vacation!

Day 14 Breakfast with Rhodopi specialties…and the last chance for fishing. Your green vacation is near its end, and for this reason Surnitza send you off with Rhodopi barbeque along with the sounds of the gaida (Bulgarian bagpipe). One last panorama bicycle excursion around the Reservoir and we leave for the capital. In Sofia we'll stay at our small cozy hotel amongst the hills of Vitosha, a gala dinner will be once again with traditional Bulgarian specialties. Have a nice vacation! (Surnitza-Burduche-Surnitza - 20 km) (Surnitza - Sofia 182 km)

Day 15 Homemade breakfast with traditional specialties. Goodbye and you're always welcome in Bulgaria! (Simeonovo/Dragalevtzi/Boyana - Sofia Airport - 20 km)

And once again, wherever you land in Velingrad, you will be able to totally relax, and get to know Bulgarian traditions, you will witness the magic of Bulgarian folklore, taste traditional Bulgarian dishes and local specialties, and you will discover the secrets of Bulgarian nature..

With fresh air, organic food, and Bulgarian hospitality !

Come once, and you'll come again!

Note: The tour includes all possible attractions. The choice of sites and the length of the tour is yours. We will do everything possible to meet your requests. Contact us.