Spaghetti Straws Making Machine Manufacture
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Product Description

Product Description

This Production Line Adopts Potato Starch,Potato Power and corn starch as main material,to produce a variety of twice extrusion ones in different shapes,which are popular in the market,such as shell,screw,square tube,crisp pea,round tube,and wave.This line is characterized by unique technique,rational configuration,high automation and stable performance.

Voltage 380V/220V
Capacity 20-40 kg per hour
Total Power Consumption 10-20 kw per hour
Screw Design High efficiency single screw 50/65 mm
Drinking Straw Color Customized
Drinking Straw Diameter 3-12mm
Raw Material PLA resin



1.Stainless steel gluing box, with polyurethane scraper and high carbon steel plastic knife, durable in use.

2.Round knife cutting, incision more smooth, and stable performance.

3.Integration linkage device of integral paper reel stand and glue system, all electric regulation to feed paper.

4.With multifunction waxing paper device and auto stop when paper cut off.

5.With online multi-cut blades, no need secondary cutting, save labor and time.